"We are Flying Blind: The New Dynamics of Leadership"
by Barbara Heitger (2014). In: Deiser, R.: Transformers. Executive Conversations About Creating Agile Organizations. Los Angeles: ECLF Press, p. 2-9
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"Next Level Enterprise - Trends der Unternehmensentwicklung"
Published by Heitger Consulting Group of Experts
Order at Goldegg Verlag 2013


"Next Generation Leadership"
by Barbara Heitger and David Schubert
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Change Management

"Managing Cuts and New Growth. An Innovative Approach to Change Management", by Barbara Heitger and Alexander Doujak, Goldegg Verlag 2013. Second edition. Order at Goldegg Verlag
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Robert Fritz
Author of "The Path of Least Resistance for Managers"
Co-author of "The Managerial Moment of Truth"

"Managing Cuts and New Growth – An Innovative Approach to Change Management" by Barbara Heitger and Alexander Doujak is a breathtaking contribution to the management literature by virtue of its scope, depth, practical wisdom, and originality. Here is a book of timely significance.  Here is a book that addresses how organizations can truly move from the traps of contradictory objectives that limit growth, to restructuring the fundamental elements in which complexity and internal conflicts are able to be transformed and aligned. Barbara Heitger and Alexander Doujak are masters of change management, and Managing Cuts and New Growth is a must read for anyone who is involved in the field."

Daniel Riedl
Member of the Executive Board, Immofinanz AG

About "Managing Cuts and New Growth – An Innovative Approach to Change Management": "Barbara Heitger and Alexander Doujak illustrate in the benefits of systemic consulting as a self-help tool. I would highly recommend this book to everyone who deals with change (and who doesn’t as a manager?). They address the challenges posed by ongoing changes and show how to navigate new situations, even pointing to solutions. This book is also for those who, rather than seeing change as a cost-cutting exercise, embrace it together with the social dimensions which are the hallmarks of true and successful transformations."