Heitger Consulting, Group of Experts

Dr. phil. Simone Inversini

W├╝lser Inversini Organizational Consulting, co-owner and board member at the OE-Forum, Switzerland
"The highlight of the conference! The presentation by Dr. Barbara Heitger at the annual meeting of the OE-Forum Switzerland in January on trends of company development and the consequences for the consulting, was a great success. She was in a good contact and exchange with the audience and her remarks immediately encouraged and inspired thought processes. She also managed to conceptualize relevant organizational phenomena and repeatedly brought new, interesting examples and analogies. Ms. Heitger’s input had genuine novelty value and was equally profound as entertaining. She presented her conclusions and recommendations for the consulting practice in a specific, clear, and a relevant manner, so that I, as a listener, could really apply what I learned in my work routine. Furthermore, she personally impressed me by appearing so grounded and humble, despite of her status as a thought leader and a successful international consultant. I would definitely like to invite Ms. Heitger again and continue learning from her – in every regard. "