„Change“: One Europe – Many Differences!

Branch: Food & Beverages
Company: international leading manufacturer
Project: improve change competence – in Europe and internationally

The change concept developed with our customers is trained and applied on the basis of practice-oriented cases: standard elements combined with country-specific fits. The “community” of “change agents” grows and in every country the structure for successful change work is decided on and created. The internationally experienced Heitger Consulting community offers trainings and consulting in eight different European languages.

HR Business Partner Function: Competent and Efficiently Anchored

Innovation by exploring ways to achieve sustained success

Branch: telecommunication
Company: international corporation
Project: establishing the HR Business Partner function

A strong, well anchored Business Partner team with entrepreneurial services and clear interfaces is established in the organization. HR Business Partner roles are systematically designed along strategy implementation and business. Contracting with the departments, the HR-internal partners, and the HR management is well founded. A learning journey for innovative HR-functions of other companies brings new ideas and impulses for practice –professionalization and efficiency. Heitger Consulting tailor-made this curriculum. The variety of learning settings takes the results a big step forward.


Local Cooperation with Simultaneous, Intensive Matrix Organization: Pharmaceuticals 3.0

Branch: pharmaceutics
Company: international pharmaceutical corporation
Project: reorganization

The goal of this project is a transformation of internal structures and a strong orientation on multi-stakeholders, customers and patients. With it, the company will divide functionally into two areas. The country management team is also taking a new position with new forms of collaboration. Heitger Consulting accompanies this change, advises in the reorganization of central processes, provides coaching for the top-management and consultancy of the cooperation across functional “silos” and company borders.


„Venture Austria 2025“– Commitment and Visions for the Future with Power for Implementation

Industry: a project interfacing business – politics – media – science
Company: a civic initiative
Project: Venture Austria 2025

Although a state is not a venture, we “have to venture” on creating and concretizing cross-party acceptable ideas for the future concerning an economy anchored in the society – that has been the intention of this civic initiative. Together with the initiators we developed the architecture and steering of the overall process in the Steering Committee. Additionally, this team created and supported the designs for the central platforms and working formats while we acted as facilitators. The Executive Group developed visions regarding ten pressing subjects and in addition the Expert Groups compiled operating levers for the implementation.
The basic pillars: multi-disciplinary – diversity of perspectives – connecting contributors quickly – consistent sparring and “reality checks” through external stakeholders – use and integration of “face-to-face” and virtual respectively web based formats.
The challenge: To advance a project that operates as a “network- and community initiative” – and not as a classic organization – including contributors from business, politics, media and science and that is “working as a work in progress”.


Entrepreneurial, International, Innovative - TOP- Managers on the Road

Branch: industrial
Company: international family business, market leader
Project: global leadership program

The task: to establish settings for personal reflection, exchange and cross-linkage of business units and countries in a very successful, internationally growing and strongly diversified company ... and above all: to create space for entrepreneurship, innovation and hands-on mid-term future work with the aid of “rapid prototyping” and through continuous sparring with external consultants. And the process is connected to the board of management, who offer strategically crucial questions for the company, through an ongoing dialogue.
Together with our clients and an international consultant team we developed four modules in different countries like in Germany, England and in Asia – we travelled into other worlds – into other countries, other industries and companies and while doing so, we also “travelled” back to ourselves as a person, as a leadership community and as a company.


From 50 down to 7 – Restructuring with a focus on productivity, service and quality

Business sector: technology and communication
Company: HR department at a company listed in the DAX
Project focus: a complex undertaking to create shared service center

The sheer dimensions encountered in consolidating the company’s numerous locations made this change process a particularly challenging one. The purpose of the restructuring was to concentrate expertise in strong, experienced teams at the corporate headquarters. This meant having to achieve the following: integration of subsidiaries, standardization of administrative processes, creation of a customer-contact management system as a front office “face to the customer” along with other steps designed to improve service quality. Through continuous collaboration among the company management, the consulting team and all company personnel in a series of major regional meetings with up to 1,000 participants, implementation of the four-year change process was integrated at all levels.


Top-Notch at the local level – country specific redesign

Business sector: high tech & IT
Company: manufacturer of office electronics
Project focus: reconfiguration of business processes

Transformation from a hardware sales company to an integrated IT solutions and service provider. As part of an exceptionally strong organization with 140 offices in over 30 countries, local management teams are facing a major, across-the-board realignment of business services designed to yield the following benefits: greater customer orientation, efficiency and focus on overall solutions. We’re helping to manage and implement this major paradigm shift. Our core project team is asking tough questions about existing service processes and their organization in order to shed new light on them. New concepts are being introduced while respecting the cultural aspects of each location. Stress testing serves as a sounding board to measure the effectiveness and acceptability of proposals.


Growing together: implementing a strategy within an internationally staffed leadership community

Business sector: telecommunications
Company: international service provider
Project focus: strengthening the leadership community’s acceptance of a realignment

Getting the ball rolling for strategic realignment of an European international management team – and doing it cooperatively within the entire leadership community. Getting the top managers from different countries on the same page when it comes to strategy. On one hand, by increasing cost-efficiency and process efficiency. On the other hand, by devising regional models for customer segments and promoting exchange and cooperation between offices in different countries. During workshops with the internationally staffed management team, potentials for growth were identified and nailed down. In addition, efficient decision-making processes were worked out and agreed on.


Flexibility means stability – sustained and intensive team coaching

Business sector: communications
Company: HR department at a DAX-listed company
Project focus: team coaching for upper management

Here’s a good way to make your organization more resilient and responsive: a two-day intensive team-based coaching workshop for managers. The objective: to get you and your staff ready to handle the unexpected, whether it’s getting through a rough patch of business turbulence or seizing opportunities to further strengthen your organization and make its strategic alignment even more resilient. In a program employing cross-mentoring methods, we’ll help you to recognize new concepts and their potentials and try out ways to improve your own leadership skills - all intended to bring about greater stability in your organization in a world where increasing uncertainty about what’s just around the corner is now the norm.


Focus on Leadership – The latest methods for facilitating efficient management

Business sector: mobility and logistics
Company: corporate university at a major international corporation
Project focus: set up and start up a “Leadership Development Portfolio” program

A willingness to continually reassess and refine your own management style, especially when profound changes are dramatically affecting the whole company and actually forcing a realignment. That’s what separates mere supervisors from true managers. An attractive “Leadership Development Portfolio” extending systematically across all management levels fosters effective, imaginative and responsive company leadership. By rethinking the principles of management qualification programs, with input from the latest analyses and best-practice examples, we’re able to ensure efficient, strategy-based holistic realignment of such programs. You see, we don’t just stir the same old pot once again; we step back and start by first carefully re-examining ingredients in the recipe.