Heitger Consulting, Group of Experts

Katharina Heuer

Chairwoman of the Management Board, Deutsche Gesellschaft f├╝r Personalf├╝hrung e. V.
„Managers design the change process of the  DB-Group to being the global leader in mobility and  logistics. The 2 educational institutions – DB Academy and DB Training – offer them the space to continuously reflect and develop their leadership- style. With our attractive and systematic designed portfolio for all levels of management we contribute to effective leadership in the DB-Group. In the intense process of strategy development Mrs. Barbara Heitger gave us a valuable impetus. The objective of her consultancy was the development of our comprehensive understanding in qualification of managers by bringing in state-of-the-art-analysis and best-practice examples. 
We value her profound knowledge in the fields of leadership development plus management education and her creative input on our program's design. Due to her outside point of view we received important thought-provoking impulses. On the developed basis we were able to optimize our conceptual work with business schools, training institutions and universities regarding contents and streamline."