Heitger Consulting, Group of Experts

Mag. MRICS Daniel Riedl

Chairman of the Executive Board, Buwog Group AG, (a Major Austrian Property Investor)
“Promoting identity and security and creating a common corporate culture: those were the objectives of our Executive Board’s “Future” project, an event for our employees held in two phases. Both phases focused on the same three perspectives: Working with the Executive Board, workshops for management teams and major interactive events for all employees.
In the middle of the sluggish market and the critical problems it was causing our company we wanted to use the first phase to orient our employees, give them a feeling of security, and show them that even in an uncertain business climate they have an Executive Board that they can truly count on. The second phase of the program concerned implementing the strategy and convincing employees that the path chosen is, in fact, the correct one. All of our employees from our six locations in Eastern Europe, too, were invited to the event in Austria; it was a very demanding and busy time.
The fact that this project was so successful is also due in large part to the strong collaboration with Heitger Consulting. We have greatly strengthened our credibility with our employees and given a more professional feel to the entire change process.
What I especially appreciate about having worked with Barbara Heitger is that we both placed full trust in each other. At all times, Ms. Heitger anticipated the needs of the team and was flexible in responding to quick, on-the-fly changes. The Executive Board could depend on her conception for the events and felt comfortable in making a “leap of faith” in her abilities to make it all happen. I had never seen anything like it before! Her partner Philipp Rafelsberger challenged the participants in a positive, engaging manner. His spontaneity, his willingness to adapt as needed and his perceptive sense of the mood in the group was a great benefit to the event. He really knows how to get right to the heart of matters and is an excellent moderator who draws and holds your attention. At times, he’s dry and serious and then once again humorous and witty. His presence and Barbara Heitger’s enthusiasm and vigor made a major contribution to maintaining harmony with the members of the Executive Board.”