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Berlin Change Days

28. bis 30.10.2016

Veranstaltet von Berlin Change Days
Mit: Dr. Barbara Heitger und Annika Serfass
Ort: Berlin
The Art of Disrupting - How to Do Things Totally Different

At the Berlin Change Days 2016, we want to have a closer look at the phenomena that accompany disruptive change. Can disruption be peaceful? Have all lessons learned become obsolete? What are the new stories that inspire us? How do we support new ideas? Are there models and tools that can help companies and communities to deal with the current dynamics of change? How can we support systems that are growing rapidly to remain healthy in their growth? How can we support systems that are dying to keep their dignity in the process of passing away? How can we reduce the fear that comes with uncertainty? What is the role of change facilitators in such processes?
As we believe that our rational mind is overwhelmed by what is happening around us, we will need to tap into that part of us that works by intuition and the unconscious mind. Artists have always helped us to take a different perspective on reality. In that sense, the Berlin Change Days 2016 will be a festival of arts – the art of doing things totally different.
Like always, the Berlin Change Days 2016 will be a great opportunity to network with 150 like minded people from around the world.

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