Einzigartiges Seminar

The Fundamentals of Structural Thinking

11. bis 14.11.2015

Senior Executives, Trainers, Executives Coaches, External and Internal Consultants, Human Resources Professionals, Organizational Development Professionals
Mit: Robert und Rosalind Fritz
Ort: Hotel Strudelhof, Wien
Fundamentals of Structural Thinking (FST) is the flagship course in Robert Fritz’ groundbreaking work. The thinking skills that are taught in the course are truly revolutionary and powerful. You will learn the process of structural thinking, a skill that will enable you to create clarity, deal with complexity, understand causality, and get to the heart of the matter in any situation. 
During the four days of the training, you will have a chance to learn new thinking techniques, understand the major principles of Structural Dynamics, practice the rigor, and engage in exhilarating exercises with other interesting participants. You will also learn Robert Fritz’ technique for Digital Decision Making and Digital Business Analysis, which enable you to discern enigmatic situations with a clarity and perception that is laser-like and potent. 
The course takes you through each step of the learning process. You begin to build a foundation that will last for years to come. You will build on this foundation as the course progresses, and you will be challenged, inspired, and intrigued by the material you are learning. 


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