Dirk Kaliebe

CFO, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen (a leading German solution provider for the print media industry)
Stephan Rey is a consultant who not only handles the design and direction of workshops in a highly professional manner but also brings with him excellent professional qualifications in finance. Since we were, first and foremost, dealing with a specialized topic, his expertise was essential to our collaboration. As the client, we had – right from the very start – an exact idea of the results that we wanted. In his design, Stephan Rey made sure that his approach would lead to this end. In his critical function as the link between the company and managers, he was exactly the right person for the job. He made sure to coordinate the type of communication with all relevant supervisors and managers.
I consider Stephan Rey to be a guarantor of success when it’s a matter of integrating and networking workshop participants, especially international ones. In working with the 30 managers from all over the world, he made his own valuable input and succeeded in establishing a close network that continues to function to this very day.  
With his strong style of leadership, Stephan Rey clearly sets the tone and direction. At the same time, he leaves room for the participants’ own contributions and ideas. In his workshop feedback, he received outstanding evaluations, and the quality check confirmed the sustained benefit of the workshop modules. You can tell that he really enjoys his work.”