Mag. Helmut Bernkopf

Bank Austria Management Board, Corporate & Investment Banking
“With our strategic meeting we pursued some very high goals: Taking into account the very challenging economic parameters, we wanted to develop operational programs to achieve our budget goals for the coming year and, at the same time, start a team-building process. In doing so, we had to successfully merge two units with very different corporate cultures and strong management personalities. It was clear to us that a key success factor for our strategy meeting would be getting input from an outside consulting professional. And, in fact, that turned out to be just the extra edge that we needed. Ms. Barbara Heitger quickly and meticulously familiarized herself with all the details of our issues, our organizational structures and even our company-specific names, terms and expressions. Because of this, our strategy meeting was able to proceed in an extremely effective and efficient manner. Ms. Heitger kept her moderation fully and firmly focused on the objectives, yet she still allowed off-topic discussions, with a certain amount of humor thrown in. This is certainly due to her extensive professional expertise, her sensitivity and empathy to very quickly focus on the essentials of the complex, critical issues at hand. Based on this excellent, effective consulting experience, we’re already sure of one thing: We’re going to hold another strategy meeting with Ms. Heitger.”