Lothar Hoss

Director Human Resources, TNT Logistics
„In my career as HR director in medium scale businesses and large corporations, I have been a  significant contributor to numerous change projects. During this time, I have developed my own style in creating change architectures and providing support in the respective phases. My goal in participating in the seminar “Certified  intensive course Change Leader” was to critically scrutinize the way I had been doing things up to then and to consistently update my knowledge.
Ms.Barbara Heitger gave us a very structured, vivid introduction to the design of change processes and their phases in this course. One particularly helpful aspect was how she elucidated the various differences between individual change concepts, which gave me more in-depth knowledge on how to determine change architectures that are more precisely tailored to the set objectives. It makes a huge difference to decide whether you are dealing with a crisis intervention or the development of innovative capacity in the company.
I would say that the seminar’s success is essentially based on the combination of Ms. Heitger’s work as a researcher in change management and her multifaceted practical experience. Participating in this course was an enriching experience, what I gained from it will be of great use in my work as a consultant and interim executive in human resources and change management."