Thomas Siegner

Head of Marketing/Member of the Executive Board, Cirquent GmbH
"The extraordinary trait of Brand Labs, which I implemented together with Philipp Rafelsberger, lies in its structure. What I needed was a work shop that is not really a work shop, and a moderator that does not really moderate. Philipp Rafelsberger did exactly that. He was more of a dramaturge than a moderator. He steered processes and procedures; however, did not interfere in the action of the process. He was constantly present in processes without ever interfering. This approach enabled participants to take experiences from “real life” into the Brand Lab and enrich themselves with the emotions of the Brand Lab when leaving again.
The incredible enthusiasm and drive that fulfilled our employees when returning to their everyday functions created a new work atmosphere even though numerous changes were made in the company. It feels as if certain positive changes have really turned into the genetic code of our company. The fascinating aspect of the workshop was that it managed to re-inspire all employees again after each of the 12 workshops. This can clearly be attributed to Philipp Rafelsberger inspiring personality.
The trade off of creating the concept for the project compared to the time of implementation was extremely efficient. The entire concept of the work shop was well-organized and planned. The shared work ethic I have enjoyed with Barbara Heitger over many years also came very intuitively with Philipp Rafelsberger."